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[How-to] Setup teamspeak music bot

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In this tutorial i will teach you how to setup a music bot for your teamspeak server/channel. It is very simple to configure and have it working.

How it works :

The music bot works on a separated TeamSpeak profile, and it will output all his audio into its own "Audio Channel" on teamspeak, but as it can't talk (since he is a bot only) we will input a song (or any audio) as his "voice". The result will be a Bot that "Talks" music into the chatroom.

Software Needed:

Install All software and reboot your PC before continuing

Setting Teamspeak Up:

  • Open Teamspeak and connect to your channel.
  • Go to Settings -> Tools
  • Go to Playback and create a new Profile (hit the "+" button)
  • Keep Playback mode as "Automatically use best mode" and "Playback device as "Default". Lower both Volume bars to the begining (-50dB) and hit Apply
  • Go to Capture
  • Keep Capture mode as "Automatically use best mode" but change Capture device to "Line 1" (This will only appear if you have correctly installed VAC). Activate "Voice Activation Detection" and drag its bar to -50dB. Hit apply
  • Exit your Channel and create a new "Identity" (by hitting Control + I)
  • Name it whatever you want to (E.g: MusicBot)
  • Create a new connection (Bookmark) to your server and hit "more" to add your new identity. Pick your new identity, and pick the playback and capture you have created (E.g MusicBot if you named them like this)
  • Close your teamspeak, right click on its shortcut and hit "Properties"
  • Find the "Target" field and after its text hit SPACE and write -nosingleinstance (This will allow you to open multiple TeamSpeaks)
  • Now you can open Two TeamSpeaks and connect with both your own profile and the music bot one. Sweet ! ! !

Adding some "Voice" to the Bot:

  • Open VLC Player, select Audio from the upper menu, and pick "Line 1" as its output channel

  • Thats it, you are probably good to go now. Everything you play on VLC will be played by the bot on its TeamSpeak channel

BONUS: Queueing Youtube Links on a playlist

  • VLC Player can also stream audio/video directly from youtube or any network stream, which is great

  • Tell your friends to send the music bot youtube links via TS and copy the links

  • On VLC hit "Control + N" and than Paste the link on the window that pops up, but instead of hitting PLAY, hit "ALT + E" (This will ENQUEUE the song on the current playlist)

BONUS: Playing music with Spotify:

  • Install Equalify (Download here free)
  • In the software
  • Restart Spotify
  • Start a song
  • Left click on the equalizer right to the searchbar.
  • Right click anywhere in the windows and select "Options"
  • Click on "Change Sound device"
  • Select "Line 1"

Thats all i know about this and this is the best way i could find for settting up a "Democratic" TeamSpeak bot where everyone on the channel can contribute with its own songs : )

I Hope you guys like it, let me know if you could make it work or if i missed something out here.



source: http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/1uk8vk/teamspeak_music_bot_tutorial/

Edited by Kebre
Added how to use Spotify

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Awesome, took me 14 minutes to follow this guide. ;) Got one running and plans of taking more advanced dev on this soon.

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Do we get to enjoy norwegian hillbilly rap on ts now? :D

No, I will only play swedish classics like 'Snippan och snoppan' and such. :)


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Thanks for the guide but I will never be able to all this and mess with Windows sound devices (I hate it).

I'm going with a virtual machine instead if needed. :)

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Just a heads up, Equalify is no longer free tho you can buy it at there website (link in post)

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Guest Wazz

Does it work with a cracked Equalify?

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13 minutes ago, Wazz said:

Does it work with a cracked Equalify?

This guide is outdated, you only need virtual audio cable to play songs from Spotify 

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Guest Wazz

Okay, thanks for the answer :)

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