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  1. Vill flika in här att varit med om att detta skett när en spelares data blivit korrupt i databasen. Testa wipea han.
  2. Detta är ett uppdrag för mapeditors att lösa, anledningen att Kavala Market tömdes va pga att jag kände att det va dags för nått nytt där och alla andra ställen på kartan som rensades i förra patchen.
  3. Det va en liten fraktion som hade tillgång till press kläder och va tvungna att rpa reportrar. T.ex https://youtu.be/iPB38nA5pfg
  4. Skrev aldrig att talent tar bort sway helt.
  5. As the topic says i want to find out what you think and want about weapon sway on the server.
  6. Goatis

    Hotfixes 5.2

    Såg det och kikar på det.
  7. Goatis

    Hotfixes 5.2

    Hotfix 5.2.3 Nerfed: Ruby and Sapphire Prices. Fixed: Speedbumps in Kavala Market Updated: Battleye filters Activated: Speedcameras with some changes
  8. Nej men en ban appeal bör man göra.
  9. Goatis

    Hotfixes 5.2

    Hotfix 5.2.2 Fixed: Lockpick bug, my bad missed it last hotfix. Changed: Network Settings Updated: Battleye filters Disabled: Speedcameras for now. Need some work.
  10. Omfg asså jag pallar inte haha
  11. Goatis

    Hotfixes 5.2

    Hotfix 5.2.1 Added: First Aid Kit to Rebels. Fixed: Lockpick bug Fixed: Paycheck bug Fixed: Bandit Bug Removed: Police from Request medic when no medics online.
  12. Kan inte lockpickaFår fortfarande E.M.S request Kommer fixas till nästa rs
  13. Goatis


    Fixat och kommer i nästa hotfix
  14. Goatis

    Patch 5.2

    Patch 5.2 General Added: Talent System Master your talents and gain perks! Access the Talent System by pressing (Ctrl + T) Added: Speedcameras Don't speed! Added: Vehicle Navigation System Use navigation system to reach your destinations faster. Navigator finds the fastest route from start to destination. The GPS can be moved anywhere you want on the screen. The Navigator can be accessed by pressing (Ctrl + N) Added: Vehicle Tuning Shop This will allow you to fully customize your vehicles with colors, nitro, items and lights! Nitro (Shift + F) Lights (Shift + L) Added: Shipwrecks Explore sunken ships and find their hidden treasures! Added: Treasure Hunting Search the beaches for washed up treasures! Added: Paintball Battle your friends in a non lethal deathmatch! Added: Bounty Hunting Become a bounty hunter and track down other players for rewards! Added: Speedbombs Added: GPS Trackers Added: New HUD and Statusbar Added: Talking Text and Icon Added: Ganglands with building system https://youtu.be/hWCA3zdIb6Q Added: Donor System Added: Zipties Added: Katiba, MXM Black, AKS and new clothing in Bandit Shop Added: Local Bar with Alcohol Added: Bustravel now cost 5000$ Added: New Backpacks in Bruce Fixed: Wrong retrveival price in garage Fixed: Ruby and Sapphire bug Fixed: NLR Bug Fixed: Oilrig Fixed: Battleye Filters Fixed: Mineral License Bug Fixed: Multiple Spikestrips Fixed: Transparancy on some map markers Fixed: Weapons no longer disappear if revived Changed: Kavala Market Optimized: Images and Textures Optimized: Mission Size Removed: Static weapon sway, you now need to talent this Police Added: Choose jailtime Added: GPS Trackers Added: MK20 Added: Alcohol and Drug Tester, use to check if a person is intoxicated Added: Checkpoint outside Kavala Added: Impoundlot in Kavala HQ Changed: Player interaction menu Fixed: Impound payout bug Fixed: Barriers and Cones Fixed: Federal Reserve Timer Fixed: Police Uniform now available for all cops Rebels Added: Suicide Vests Added: New Backpacks Added: New Headgear Added: New Goggles Added: New warning text Added: New Outpost Fixed: Farming bug Fixed: Process bug Fixed: Sandbags Fixed: Removed safezone from rebeltown Medic Added: New Headgear Fixed: Nearby medics in deathscreen Fixed: Pickup weapons Fixed: Barriers and Cones
  15. Goatis


    Fixat till nästa patch.
  16. This will be fixed in next patch.
  17. I am Goatis and I approve this message. Jk <3
  18. Detta fixades förra patchfixen, måste missats helt i första release. Annars bra förslag!
  19. Accepted. Banned 3 days
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