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    A New Era

    So now for the BIG news. So there's been a lot of hush-hush recently around admins and other staff-members, but now we can finally make everything public for you players and community-members of CvGaming. We've been working on this for several weeks now, trying to coordinate everything so when it finally goes live (tomorrow) there's nothing wrong or something that doesn't work properly. The Terrorists: Recently the majority of the members of the rebels left their faction, this opened up a lot of oppurtunities when it comes to remaking the factions themselves. So we, the admin-staff decided to re-introduce the terrorists as a new faction. Yes, you read that right. The terrorist will join the server as a official faction starting the next patch and they will reside in the Oreocastro Castle up north. Terrorist Agenda: The Revolutionary Organization 17 November (RO-17N) is once again here to put fear in to the people of Altis. We want everyone to be able to do whatever they want, we expect people to pay us a big fee every time they go out farming, Regardless of it being legal or illegal – we prefer if this is illegal since we hate the state more than anything. We will show no respect what so ever to anyone with authority regardless of this being the APD, HRA or a Gangs harassing lonely civilians. We do expect everyone to pay us a lot of respect and money to keep our economy up so we can keep our warfare against all authorities and to leave them alone – If they decide not to do this, they can expect us to be harassing them all the time. RO-17N will do whatever it takes to conquer the state and the rebels, if a civilian would get hurt in the process we couldn´t care less. The Rebels: We hope all of you are as excited as we are regarding this! But wait, there's more! Since there's basically no official rebels left on the server at the moment we had to fix that issue somehow. We've decided that scrapping the National Liberation Front (N.L.A) and replacing it with a more civilian friendly faction was the best choice since the terrorist was going to be introduced as well. The new rebels fill a spot which havn't really existed on the server for a long time. Last faction that had the same kind of goal was the (F.I.A), and it was removed in late November last year. While the terrorists fills the spot where (N.L.A) was placed originally, the more aggressive non-civilian friendly and anti-A.P.D faction. Rebel Agenda: Hellenic Republican Army or H.R.A for short is an organized effort by some portion of the Altis civil population who use physical force to cause a change in the political and or social order. It may seek to achieve it's objects through either the use of a nonviolent resistance or the use of armed force. In short the Hellenic Republican Army's goal is to achieve political freedom for themselves or obtain freedom for others. Which indirectly means that they keep the true hellenic population safe and free from any oppressing forces. Furthermore, supporting any other faction except the H.R.A will be seen as an act of treason and the supporter will be viewed as hostile. However,if a citizen shares the same vision and cause as H.R.A, as well as believing that H.R.A's agenda is the only true one. Then that makes them a true hellenic citizen in the eyes of the Hellenic Republican Army. Even though the group's agenda may seem rather people-friendly they will not hesitate to kidnap, harm or execute any person regarded as inimical to their cause. Ultimately this means that interacting with them is an unsafe activity which most citizens should avoid if they don't have important businesses with them personally. The Cause: The current state of the political and social order is a complete wreck, it hurts the hellenic citizens more than it helps them. This is why the Hellenic Republican Army will do whatever it takes to achieve political freedom for themselves or obtain freedom for others. But with the current state of the political and social order this is almost impossible. The H.R.A believes that robbing or killing civilians is required to create a new social order, out with the trash, in with the pure. However if a person continously harms other citizens then that person will immediately be taken care of either way. The H.R.A values the true hellenic citizen more than anything else. Which means that any harm done to a true hellenic citizen, intentional or unintentional will be viewed as a threat, and threats are eliminated. Which also means that any form of human trafficking or slave trading is strictly against their agenda. This is for the safety of the true citizens themselves as they can be the ones being sold. The H.R.A does not believe that citizens need higher caliber weapons for self-protection. However, lower caliber is allowed for the sake of self-protection. This also means that selling/buying from a source that isn't controlled and kept safe by the H.R.A themselves is strictly against their agenda. However, the H.R.A does not support the use of illegal drugs, but does not have anything strictly against it either. Which means that having it for personal use or creating businesses that revolves in selling it is completely fine. The H.R.A will help the true hellenic citizens in any way possible. Giving them shelter, or protecting them while they do their own businesses. This means that any hostile action against these citizens will be against the H.R.A as well. Since the Federal Reserve hold the governments treasury and not any of the true citizens money, the H.R.A can and will attack and steal it. Staple points( TL:DR): - May rob or kill any citizens they see as inimcal to their cause. - Will always value true hellenic citizens above anything else. - Strongly against any form of slave-trading. - Does not allow any other groups to sell weapons or maintain a profitable black market. - Does not want civilians to own or use any high-caliber weaponry (7.62mm or above). - Does not have anything against any other illegal activity A.E. Cocaine, Weed, Heroin, Meth or Bank Robberies. - May not directly help any of the other factions. - Will protect and provide temporary shelter for individual true hellenic citizens if they ask for help. - Does not take lightly on tresspassing. - Travelling to their borders without announcing a reason beforehand will be viewed as a hostile action. - Can and will attack the federal reserve. "True Hellenic Citizen explanation: Is a friendly and supporting civilian that always try and help and interacts peacefully with the H.R.A whenever they can. "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" The Altis Military Police: This is a huge change already, but we're not even done yet! To counter-act these two "new" factions we had to give the police some more firepower to be able still control Altis, So the Altis Military Police (A.M.P) is coming back! They will be an extension of the already existing A.P.D, but with their own leader and members. They will reside in Athira with a remade headquarters, and will control the more eastern areas on Altis. Final words: This is all the news we have regarding the factions on the server, but there's a lot of content that's coming this patch as well which we will write about in another topic! Once again, we hope you guys are as excited as we are regarding these changes! Hopefully this will bring back a lot more roleplaying to the now loot focused server!
  2. Hysteria

    Combat logg

    Tror vi har tillräckligt med tankar och åsikter angående denna ban-request, så jag låser tråden. LOCKED
  3. I havn't seen Lucky on the server since this incident, which makes me unable to solve this issue at this time.
  4. Hysteria

    Ban req

    I'll talk with you guys over teamspeak and discuss this issue, but none will get any punishment this time. DECLINED
  5. Hysteria

    Ban appeal Gary

    I've personally discussed this with you at DH so you know what's up!
  6. Hysteria

    Ban appeal

    Ska fråga de andra adminsen vad de tycker om detta, så jag låser tråden till dess!
  7. Klippet Hardman visade oss är mer än tillräckligt för att bevisa att detta inte är "lack of RP". Han gjorde så som en rebell ska göra när ens kollega blir kidnappad, utan att bryta RP eller några serverregler. Om ni själva vill se detta klipp, ni som är involverade i denna situation kan fråga Hardman personligen. DECLINED
  8. Det @A.Karlsson gjorde var att hjälpa en civil i "nöd". Han tog ett eget beslut och eftersom han då körde in i stridens hetta riskerar han då sitt egna liv för att hjälpa en annan person. Vi ser inget fel med detta och tycker mer att det är en rolig händelse för båda parter eftersom detta nästan aldrig händer. Även fast det är emot reglerna att två gäng sammarbetar så tycker jag inte att A.Karlssons handlingar har något med hans gäng att göra då han var ensam. Dessutom så är [OOC] ett väldigt litet gäng som ej har samma makt som CV-D och SC. Med detta sagt så kommer jag sätta dena ban request som: DECLINED
  9. Eftersom vi inte har fått några bevis så blir denna requesten: DECLINED
  10. Eftersom vi inte har fått några bevis så blir denna requesten: DECLINED
  11. @Goliat Även fast checkpointen är visuellt större så är inte den effektiva arean som kommer utnyttjas mycket större. Allt som gör att checkpointen ser större ut är helikopterplattorna, och om de nu skulles tas bort skulle checkpointen se relativt liten ut. Men det är väl en självklarhet att rebeller ska ha en yta att landa på? Som sagt, kullarna runt om Kavala checkpoint kommer alltid, jag repeterar, alltid vara mer effektiva än att sitta i en cargotorn. Så utan cargotornet skulle checkpointen bara vara en dödsfälla. Om HQ't inte skulle ligga i safezone skulle ni bli konstant campade och spawnkillade, dessutom är HQ't i regelboken en safezone i sig. Vilket leder till att dagens HQ inte 'är ett "shooting gallery" då man inte får skjuta in i den utan rätt RP. Sen sista punkten var om prestanda och liknande. Objekten jag använder är dubbelt så stora jämfört med de gamla som användes. Så att mängden objekt har inte höjts så mycket alls. Sedan som @Jonasp sa så är rebellernas HQ en bas som redan fanns på servern sen innan. Så den kan du räkna ur helt ur ekvationen. Samt eftersom rebellerna nästan aldrig använder HQ't mer än för att spawna in så kommer checkpointen vara det stället där de hänger mest. -Edit- Finns ingen anledning att ha ett HQ utanför safezone då civs förmodligen inte ens kommer orka åka dit för att göra nånting alls. Finns ingen anledning för dem att ta över eller ens försöka råna poliser vid HQ't så det fyller ingen funktion. Som sagt så tar jag alla punkter och argument här som konstruktiv kriticism, så ni behöver inte vara oroliga för pajkastning.
  12. @Afriel/Jonasp De vita sakerna är helikopterplattor som är till för att landa på @A.Karlsson/SavaGG Situation ligger till exakt som Afriel förklarade. Gamla scriptet fungerar inte med AL 4.0 och det betyder att vi måste vänta på PP så att han kan scripta nytt. @Goliat Tänk på att den vänstra sidan av checkpointen är det som Rebellerna kommer vara i, medans den högra är där civs kommer köra igenom. Så allt som allt så är den "effektiva" checkpointen inte så mycket större än den som finns på servern idag. Dessutom behöver Rebcheckpointen få ett ansiktslyft, då den inte är tillräckligt skräckinjagande atm. Samt cargotornet vid Kavala checkpoint är där så att de som tagit över checkpointen (må det vara polis/rebell eller civ) skall kunna på något ätt kunna se över väggarna. Eftersom ytan runtomkring checkpointen har stora kullar så är det ett stort disadvantage att vara i checkpointen om inte cargotornet funnits. Anledning varför HQ't ligger där det gör är för att större delen av de nya spelarna håller sig runtom Kavala, därmed behövs polisen i närheten för att hålla det i ordning. @Wirre Det är lite av grejen med den nya Kavala checkpointen. Vi vill att det ska vara en inofficiell "capturable zone" som civs och mindre gängs drar sig till för att hitta lite rp-fokuserad action. Jag kommer personligen ihåg att jag tyckte att checkpointsen på secret one var det bästa med hela servern!
  13. Så satt lite igår med arma 3 editorn o pillade som några av er såg då jag streamade allt! Men för er som inte såg något av det jag gjorde så lägger jag upp ett album med lite bilder här! Inget av det är bestämt att komma in på servern ännu, men vill dock visa er spelare vad vi i adminteamet håller på med osv. Förslag på förbättringar och ideér o liknande skulle vara starkt välkommet!
  14. Om ni fortsätter med pajkastartävlingen så kommer jag återigen att låsa tråden, så försök att diskutera på en normal nivå framöver.
  15. I'll try and contact Lucky and ask him about this whole situation, will lock the thread until a verdict have been decided on. LOCKED
  16. Hysteria

    *Closed* Dreamhack

    Som sagt så är det bara att svänga förbi vårat lilla admin-corner när ni nu vill! Skulle även vara relativt fett att snacka om idéer och liknande till servern med er under perioden vi är där.
  17. Hysteria

    Ban rec

    With the evidence posted it's clear that the players are behaving in a way that CvG doesn't approve of and also clear violations of several rules. The verdict is as follows: 3 day ban for both players. LOCKED
  18. Hysteria

    Ban request [BB]

    With the evidence posted we have decided to ban both [bB]-kalle and [bB]-Mike for combatlogging(exploiting). The verdict is as followed: 24h ban for both players. LOCKED
  19. Unbanned, careful tho since we will keep a keen eye on you in the future. One more major rulebreak and you will be permanently banned without any chance of appealing. I hope you enjoy your stay on CvGaming this time! LOCKED
  20. A minority of you may know who I am and what I've done on this server, but for you who don't here's an introduction. My name is Alfons "Hysteria" Warg, I'm 20 years old and live in Stockholm. Together with a GW and a few other friends we started the CvGaming altis life server as a minor joke in late July of 2014. But it quickly escalated into something we hadn't even thought of. I was at the time the map editor, community manager and the one fixing the balance on the server. Fast-forward a bit until October where CvGaming reached its prime when it came to playerbase and active players on the server. This was the time where GW and me still manually restarted the server every 4 hours, we were 2 head-admins running a server that was popping 90 players on most days. Which of course was extremely exhausting both physically and mentally, and since I had some personal and private issues at the time as well I decided to step down as an admin and focus on other stuff instead. Even tho I left the server, I never completely left CvGaming. I have a ton of friends in this community that I would never dream of just withdrawing out of my life. In the beginning of May I started to realize that the server wasn't doing as good as it used too. There were tons more negative posts on the forums than usual. The server population had drastically gone down, and the active players had gone from a dispersion of all sorts of groups to almost only major gangs and official factions. I decided that since the private matters where fixed and I was still jobless this was something I could put time into and actually try and fix. So I contacted Goatis (shoutout to you my friend) and told him about what I was thinking. This then escalated to me personally discussing several matters with the majority of the admin-staff. But now today I can officially anounce that I have rejoined the CvGaming staff and oh'boy you are all about to see some major changes by us when it comes to server balance and map-layout! I will personally jump around in TS asking about your own opinions about content and such, which is the way I was doing it before. I believe in a server run by the players, not purely by the admins. Wish me luck! Fun fact: CvGamings altis life server would've never existed if I didnt rob GW of his hemtt box on secret one! I later felt guilty about dong it so the group I was playing with (Pyaht and Billy Bob, all former admins) gave GW a free weapon, invited him to skype and started to farm cocaine with him.
  21. GW personally asked me to post here, so here we go, sorry this won't be concise. Currently on the server the civilian role isn't healthy and fun enough for players to stick with it. They usually try and join one of the current two factions at the first and best opportunity they get. It's quite understandable and obvious that this is standard behavior, but presently the magnitude of this trend is way above of what's vigorous. This results in a buttload of problems both in the actual game and on the forums a.e. Not enough vanilla civilians* which in turn lessens the roleplay for the major factions on the server. By vanilla civilians i mean players who have no sort of affiliation with a gang or any sort of faction. They usually stick to themself or stay in a friend group of 2-4 while playing. These players have a vital role for the roleplay on the server since they offer small chitchat oppurtunities for players to discuss random topics inside of the game. Also since they have no sort of connection to any of the banditry focused gangs or the rebels they are seen as neutral by the police, which make the officers more willing to roleplay with them, since they aren't as afraid of getting killed or robbed. Vanilla civlians are also the ones farming the activitys that pay less a.e. Copper, oil, sand, apples and peaches to name a few. This is because gangs usually have the funds to farm the more expensive stuff a.e. Cocaine, Heroin, Weed and Slaves etc etc. Which brings us to the next issue. Several activitys on the server aren't used since there's no reason to actually take the time to do them. As stated above, the gangs of the server have the funds to do, for the most part, whatever they want. So there's no reason what so ever to farm minor activities which leaves them abandoned and unwanted. Since there's no one using these activities then there's no reason to have them on the server, no? This is where the two latest concerns relate. Without vanilla civilians, some activities won't be used, but without things for the civilians to do then there's no reason for them to stick around. But since the amount of content that is currently on the server is quite high, then why aren't the civilians sticking around? With that question I bring you problem number three. The balancing on the server is ridiculously one sided towards the rebels and non-official factions*. Being a rebel is really cool and fun, the roleplay is better, the guns are bigger and your funds are near infinity. The rebels can farm weed basically whenever they want. They have almost no reason to be scared for bandits/robbers, which makes it incredibly safe for them to farm it. Which in turn makes their wallets the most fat and delicious wallets on the server. So if they die, the lose nothing more than their pride and respect. Police on the other hand have to go off-duty and farm like a vanilla civilian with constant threats from everywhere. But when the server itself is on primetime, they aren't allowed to play off-duty. But they can't play as a solid cop without the money to buy all the necessities needed. So they either go farm with a fake nick, so that they can actually play on prime time, but this isn't accepted at all and have the possibilty for the officer to be dismissed from the force if admins or higher ranked police members find out. A non-official faction is a group of players that have self-proclaimed an area of the map to be their own and have the amount of active players to actually "patrol" around that area stopping vehicles that trespass, examples are: Scrub Club, Cv-Droghandel, The Underdogs and Los Zetas. These groups of players have come as close to rebels as they can get without actually joining the official rebel faction. They have the money to buy the big guns and the big vehicles. They have the amount of players to for the most part safely farm all the high paying activitys they desire. But most importantly, they are frequently very hostile against other players. All in all all of this added together creates an environment that's not that fun and interesting for vanilla civilians and newer players. Rebels are overpowered so you can't do anything against them without being completely rekked (Nerf Bobbi R), police aren't well equipped enough to be a threat towards the rebels or the non-official factions and the non-official factions themselves are running such a big part of the map that there's nowhere to earn money safely. With all of this said, it leaves us with the last matter that I will bring up in this post. Loads of non-proffesional posts and applies on the forums. This isn't that big of an issue, but it's still work that has to be done by either the admins or the higher ranked police officers. Work takes time, and that time could've been used to create or do something better and more important. This subject knits us with the first issue I talked about. That players don't want to play as vanilla civilians and flood the forums with applies or questions regarding what he or she should do to have more fun on the server. TL;DR : There's a lot that could be added to the server, but if it hurts the civilians even more i doubt it would be worth adding it. The civilians needs a shot at making it big, they need more overall power on the server and this is only obtained by slowly balancing the server in their favor. We also need to change this quite quickly since there's not enough of a playerbase in that area to justify having all of the current farming options on the server since most of them will just be abandoned anyways. So we could at the moment just remove them to improve on server performance and being able to remove such content without major drawbacks is a bad thing. I know a lot of people in the playerbase will object when i say this but the powerlevel of the rebels and non-official factions needs to be toned down, a lot.
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