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Patch 5.3

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Patch 5.3



  • Added: Rebel armory depot 
  • Added: 6.5 Silencers to bandit!
  • Added: .45 silencer!
  • Added: Sights to bandit! (Erco, ARCO Black etc.)
  • Added: 9mm Silencer to Gang Hideout!
  • Added: Taxi System (You can now work as a taxi driver and earn money) ALT + T
  • Removed: Weapon sway
  • Moved: Bandit to ghost hotel
  • Moved: Opium, spice field and spice processing
  • Buffed: XP system
  • Removed: Rule about third party engage
  • Lowered: Price on black market license and bandit license
  • Lowered: Prices for every house
  • Updated filters



  • Added: Ghost hawk armed
  • Added: Hunters skins
  • Added: Van skins


  • Added: New HQ and Checkpoint
  • Added: Van
  • Added: New clothing
  • Added: 50cal offroad
  • Removed: Hex clothing
  • Removed: Rebel Town


  • Fixed: Heli prices
  • Added: XP when reviving

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All heil Goatis!!

Lägg bara in en Van transport istället för Cargo så blire gött :))

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