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Event: Zombies & Rooks: Sunday 13/1 17:00


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Zombies & Rooks!!

When? On Sunday the 13th at 17:00

Where? At the Oil Processing Island, Makrynisi
Everyone meets up at the island by the designated time and I will go through how it all works once again.
It's recommended you arrive without any gear.


How will it work?

1. Everyone gets 3 minutes to go and hide somewhere on the island.
2. After those 3 minutes, me and TBD will go and try to kill the survivors.
3. The three last survivors will each get a prize.
4. ???
5. Profit.


1st place - 1x CMR-76 with mags, 1x LVL 2 Vest
2nd place - 1x LVL 3 Vest, 1x LVL 2 Vest, 1x LVL 1 Vest
3rd place - 1x CAR-95 with mags, 1x LVL 1 Vest


No hiding in the water or bugged inside objects.
We will track everyone who dies so it's not worth trying to rejoin the event.
Breaking any of these rules will result in an Event-BAN.


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