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The big music thread


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So, every forum has its own Music thread so i will start one here :).

I always find new music that ive never heard of in threads like this so lets go for it!

Select the 1 or 2 most popular tracks of yours and post it here! (only 2 youtube clips per post)



Here i go:
im into electronic and gabber (has always been since late 80's when i got my first cd player and orderd cd's from GINZA catalogue! thunderdoom hehe!) and ofc swedish punk and Psytrance (fullon), but if i have to select 2 tracks that i have to bring to a deserted island it would be these:


Gatari 2600 (starts at 01:00 but up to then u get all the geeky information on how it works. mmmm that 50hz base)


Gabber (not many likes this, but i love it!)


Soundsystem at home:


2x Cerwin Vega XLS 215 and a Denon 1808 surround reciver

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These are my 2 favorite songs at the moment.


Genre: Deep House








Here's my playlist aswell https://soundcloud.com/hermanfri/sets/deephouse


Hope you like em :)

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Thanks for the tunes mr Laxnacke and Goatis. :) They fit perfect into my playlist.
Here is some typical music that I listen to when I'm in a chill mood:

Rameses B - Years from now

Haring - Us

Peking Duk, Skrux, Kygo, Yinyues, Chrome Sparks, Seven Lions

Other:  Armin van buuren, Above and beyond, Markus Schulz, Deadmau5, Noisia, James Njie, Ørjan Nilsen .

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nice and awesome guys! allready some names ive never heard of. im definatly going to extend my library!

(and yes, im one of those with no spotify, they never have any collection of the music i listen to). 


Today someone did a remark on my musictaste so here is something to show its not only brute-force-gabber ^^


and something for the Sweds i gues :P (swedish text atleast, remake of a classic:)


And to make d0lphin happy ill add the best stuff that has ever come out of Norway, ever:

Dj Splash

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You got it kind sir!


How about some "trippy" Chiptune?


Or best game music ever to be created?

And to make Vic happy, a metal version of it: (this guy is the happiest metal person ive seen btw, thats how i imagine you vic!)

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So, someone speciall asked me to post about my speakersystem. Well, i has no uber nice pretty pics but i basiclly got this: (only diffrence is that this picture has a 62' tv and a porncave, i do not).
(thanks internet)


My middle register is black like these are:

But i have net on my setup (no, this is still not my pics! :P):


My current setup over xmas: (everything in pic above)
Cerwin Vega XLS 215 (2x15)
Cerwin Vega XLS 28 (2x8)
Cerwin Vega XLS 6C (center speaker)
2x Cerwin Vega VE 28S 
1x NAD T977 (Surround reciver)

1x Cerwin Vega CXA10I (amplifier)

Something nice to test the system with (in full 1080p ofc):
Unless u can hear the dragon breathing you are doing it wrong! :D

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I know what you mean mister ^^, you have heard my music here and most ppl think im on LSD all the time.

Beats are always nice in that genre and that would be an enough reason to listen to it imo.

But while we are getting into hiphop/rap i had to drop this one (from my childhood):

usually i never listen to anything containing "bitches and hoes" (due to my values). but this one is earcandy if you ignore the text ^^


And ofc something that i found very relaxing (its one of those tracks that gets better everytime you listen through it and like all psytrance, you cant skip parts! ;P)

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Heard an old favorite of mine at a local "party" a few days ago that i couldn't remember the name of.

Finally! today the "bottle popped" so to speak, all during a robbery across the street from where i live (no, it was not me Kassmus. Me, the rebel, had to call the APD ^^). Adrenaline and the brain works in mysterious ways hippie7.gif


(Alot of flashing images. Epileptic? scroll up 6 steps and you wont see them anymore ;P)


cant wait for sun to go up alittle more so my speakers can go to work!

cerwin vega super assembly gogo ;)

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