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  3. Fellow members of Cv-Gaming. For 1 month and 24 days it's been my honor to serve as a Paramedic Chief for every single citizen and fellow paramedic. The first period of my time here has been full of consequences for others and for me. We have had major concerns about our future in the Paramedic Departement such as inactivity and a lack of encouraged paramedics. Not only this have slowed us down, and prevented us from doing our job correctly. Faults in the rule system, Ranking system and Supervision system have made a complete mess in the entire paramedical system. I hope everyone understands that this wasn't a good standard, and that I did my best to fix it. My job and the hard decisions I've had to take in order to fix this may not be something you must agree with, as long as you understand that I did my best. I've might presented myself in a strict manner, but as I saw it I thought it was fully necessary. I hope that you feel that I've done something for the better of this paramedical corps. I would like to wish R.Castle welcome to the spot as a paramedical chief, and give him my best good lucks for the future. He is a great man with courage to run this corps, and if he would gain encourage from others around him I strongly believe we can achieve great things in the future. I will step down as a Medic Chief, and leave the paramedic departement completely. But I will not be gone. You will be able to find me patrolling the city streets of Altis as a security guard. I will be there for You, and protect and serve everyone in need. Thank you all, for giving trust to me to serve as a Medic Chief of Altis. _______________________________________________________ With the very best regards, Glenn Ingvarsson [Former-Medic-Chief] _______________________________________________________

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