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  1. Apology

    A deep apology needs to be made for the actions I made towards bobbi.r. I didn't mean the things that I said towards you at all. Some of you may know the illness Adhd, which I unfortunately suffer greatly. This caused me to be in a very bad mood and when it gets too bad I have no real control over my actions. what ever I said to offend you in am sorry but I unfortunately cannot control it unless I have the right medication. I hope you choose to accept my apologie as i know what I did was wrong and promise to not do it again.
  2. Taking a break.

    Ok cheers bobbi, try and not rape anyone else just because you get in a bad mood
  3. Taking a break.

    Deleted the post since you can´t behave yourself.
  4. Lopéz rör sig vidare

    Dont leave you Golly Wog
  5. Rayinator tar en paus från CvG och Arma.

    i r8 8/8 m8 gl m8