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Patch 5.4


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Patch 5.4



  • Added: 7.62 weapons in factions, bandit and rebel armory!!
  • Added: Oldbox in shipwreck
  • Added: New market
  • Added: Skins for civilians!
  • Fix: You don't get kicked from viper backpacks anymore
  • Removed: Santa Gifts


  • Added: Breach!
  • Added: Mk-1 7.62
  • Added: Polis chief skin for hatchback sport
  • Fix: Cops no longer get speeding tickets


  • Added: Mk-18 7.62
  • Added: New ifrit skin
  • Fix: Rebels can now breakout other rebels from jail


  • Added: Breach!
  • Added: Prowler
  • Added: New vehicle skins!
  • Added: New clothing and skins
  • Added: New medic siren
  • Added: Strider
  • Fix: Medics no longer get speeding tickets
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