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Event: 2v2 PvP Arena: Friday 3/8 20:30


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2v2 PvP Arena


On Friday we will have a PvP event at the PvP arena.

Its time to prove who has the best team!



- Teams of 2. Sign up your team in the comments below like showed below:

Team: TeamName

Player 1

Player 2

Eventual drop ins/ Reserve players

- Minimum 5.56 Caliber weapons

- Bring Your Own Gear

- Medic will be available

- Elimination style, You Loose, You´re out!

- No Looting

- No Trolling

Other server rules apply!!

COPs need to be on as civilians!



The winning team will get a Hunter or Ifrit to their disposal for an entire Restart.

Its up to the team to decide which restart and which vehicle between the two mentioned above!


OBS!!! Sign ups end on Friday 19:00!

For this event too happen we need atleast 3 teams!

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Team: Danskeland

Player 1 [G.L.A] Knas

Player 2[G.L.A] Krea

Eventual drop ins/ Reserve players - (Will update this slot soon)

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20 minutes ago, Eggis said:

Mycket bra mycket bra , men Poliser måsta väl vara inne som civ om de ska medverka?

Det stämmer, uppdaterad!

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1. AllahkvistBOMB
2. M.Curt #DEVTÖNT

Reserv: Öberg... nae skämta bara

EDIT: Det blir inget då Almkvasit åker bort, curt hittar en ny eller skiter i att spela

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