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Erik Tyrone

Goodbye CvGaming!

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I did not want to take action without leaving some kind of message, and as you probably have figured out by the title; I am leaving CvGaming today.

I have played in the community since late 2014, and I have spent hundreds of hours in this community, and I have to say: I have never stumbled upon a better community than CvGaming. The reasoning behind my decision is just that I have grown tired of gaming in general. I am not having as fun as I used to to, and it is consuming a huge chunk of my life that I no longer want to spend on gaming. I have had a great time in this community and I am really thankful for all the admins, who have done such an amazing job in creating this community. I am sure you guys will come a long way, and I wish you all the best.

At last but not least, I would like to thank;

Amos Moses - For being a good fellow Norskjävel, and bringing great memes into my life.

J.Brando - Same as above, and also for drinking orange juice at parties.

R. Castle - For rejecting to talk Swedish at any cost.

Bachne - It was hard to think of something you have not done for the community, great work, keep it up ;)

Macke - For being some of the most positive, and energetic persons on the server.

APD - I want to thank the APD for the chance I got to play there and the good time I had there!


-Erik Tyrone

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4 minutes ago, J.Brando said:

vi må møttes i bergen på fest sammen! :drinks: BTW: ta med appelsinjuice! 

HAHAH will do <3

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