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Ban appeal J.Ramirez

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           Name:  J.Ramirez

            Date: December, last year.

            Reason: I got banned for being a dick towards legacy, which i am truely sorry for. I would appriciate another chance on this server, but i will respect it if i won't get one. I was very inmature, and i will swear that nothing like that will ever happen again. My behaviour was not acceptable at all, and i owe everybody an apology.   

Edited by J.Ramirez

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Being a dick towards me is fine. I have never banned anyone for being angry or mad at me, it's only when people start to use language that is not tolerated on this community.

Here is why you are banned and why you did not get unbanned on your previous appeals.

1. You started with your bad attitude and to thrashtalk when i didnt accept you to the police like a 100 years ago.

2. You went around and told people things about me and that i did things that were not true. 

3. You called me out in the shoutbox multiple times and said that you "would show me c*unt" and that i was a pussy in general.

4. When you didnt get response from me you wrote a post saying that you hoped the people of this community would die and burn forever in hell. 

With the above said i hope you are never allowed to enter this community again.

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