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Altis Patch 5.1


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Patch 5.1



  • Removed Rule: When the Federal Reserve is being robbed, you ALWAYS need to have an negotiation in the beginning.
  • Removed Rule: When you are about to rob someone you need to have a RP reason!
  • Added: 5.56 Silencers to Gang Hideout
  • Added: Laws of War clothes
  • Added: More colors of tactical vests to Gang Hideout
  • Added: Rebel Town at Ghost Hotel
  • Added: Bandit District
  • Added: Copper & Iron farming routes
  • Added: Laws of War vehicles (van)
  • Added Rule: You only have 1 life in firefights (you can still get ressed by a medic and keep fighting!)
  • Added: Black Market in Rebel Town
  • Added: Gold/Jewelry seller in Rebel Town
  • Added: Re-designed Statusbar


  • Police
  • New Chief: Wajk
  • Added: Laws of War vehicle (police van)
  • Added: 5.56 Silencers


  • Added: Rebels!  Named A.R.A (Leader: Darwin)
  • More info in a separate post about the new faction.


  • Added: Laws of War vehicle (medic van)
  • Added: Sofia Hospital
  • Moved: Air Hospital

And as always bugs, suggestions and feedback in the right forum parts. Thanks.

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