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I know that this list is incomplete at this moment "18.11.17", but i will update this topic in the future.


I would like to thank the guys who helped me make this:




I would also like to thank the guy who gave me the idea:

A. Harrisson

Farming sheet:





This shows how much money you get after the runs:


Best regards

John Smith

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1 hour ago, Adam Folkesson said:

Ser bra ut men den där man ser hur mycket man får  ihop vilken car/truck är det som ni går då efter eftersom det är olika trunkspece i alla ju :D annars som sakt bra information :D

Pretty sure its HEMTT, then to the right it is the price if the HEMTT is 100% filled with processed items.

Not 100% sure though.

Edited by Erik Tyrone

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2 minutes ago, Erik Tyrone said:

Still pretty precise.

But there are a lot of the items that doesn't have prices and weigh on them. Would be pretty nice with an update to it. 

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