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  1. In-Game Name? : J.Wright What is your Player ID: 76561198004289307 Age: 18 Do you speak both Swedish and English?: Yes Do you have any past experience about being a police officer on this or other servers?: Yes I've played as a police officer for a short time at another server If yes, what servers?: FrozenZone Do you have a working microphone?: Yes How long have you played on CvGaming?: Since the summer of 2014. Not very actively however Have you been banned before?: Yes because of a conflict between me/my gang and the admin Do you promise to always act in-character and never abuse your power while playing as a police officer?: Yes Are you ready to leave your civ gang to become a police officer to avoid conflicts?: Yes Can you follow orders from a younger person?: Yes if I don't see a better solution to solve a specific situation. I will always follow orders from anyone but will give suggestions to solve the situation in a better way if necessary What qualities do you think a CvGaming Police officer should have that fits you, name at least 5 pieces 1) Able to roleplay well as much as possible 2) Take and give orders from anyone who is in command 3) Being mature in all situations 4) Play as a teamplayer and doing your best 5) Being pretty experienced about the game overall and knowing your own skill level so you make your best in every situation Describe why you would like to play as a police officer?: I've played as a civilian and as a medic and it would be fun to test something else. I also think that I would do the job pretty well because of all my hours on CvG and altis life. There is always something to do as a police officer, so to play as an officer would be fun! Briefly describe the various tasks of a police officer?: Keeping the island safe for the civilians. Roleplaying in a variety of situations. Make sure everyone is following the rules and keeps to work for the state and not for the bad guys You're definitely a face outward for the server as well, meaning that your actions will affect if a player likes the server or not Describe what YOU expect out of your fellow officers?: Being friendly and mature at all times. Able to use common sense at most times. Always being motivated to solve the current problem. What is your input on using lethal force?: It's a great tool but it should always be used only if necessary. Everyone knows what kinds of tools the police have and acts with this in mind. This is at least what me and my gang had in mind. This is a roleplaying server and as a civilian you want to make the most out of it. Solving as many situations as possible with roleplay should always be the goal! Describe why YOU would be a good addition to the police force?: I see myself as a player with a good understanding about the server. If I would play in the police force I think I would fit in well. I am experienced with teamwork and taking orders from others as well. I would also contribute to the civilians. A lot of civilians have a very negative view of the police because of wrong actions, therefore I will roleplay as much as possible to keep our players satisfied! What is your input on respect, loyalty, and rule enforcement?: All these describes how the police should act. Both for force members and other players on the server Please provide name and a background story for your character applying to the police: (100 words minimum): John Wright, a man in his 20's. Grew up in a nice place outside Kavala without any drama. Studied law and his goal was always to do the right thing and doing your best. His friendgroup were alike himself. In the past year John noticed how turbulent the island has become. Kids were starting to work for the criminals and people were robbed all over the island. He thinked why not contribute towards a more friendly island where everyone should do the right thing and doing the best? The police job is a perfect fit for John and he decides to apply for the police force Tell us a little about yourself! Jim is my real name! 18 years old, live in Borås where I study my last year of IT technology at high school. Been gaming for a long time, not very actively the last however. In my spare time I hang out with friends, fly gliders and play games
  2. Vezza

    Dreamhack Winter 2016 (Community Event)

    C19:23 = @Teechy C19:21 = @Vezza
  3. Vezza

    Ban Req A.P.D

    När jag fick min ress så tog jag upp mitt vapen, hölstra och försökte springa däirfån. Savage dödade mig dock typ 3s efter jag började springa. Så det där du skriver Legacy stämmer tyvärr inte riktigt :/ Och känner att din bedömning är väldigt partisk just nu.
  4. Har klippt ihop lite material som bara legat på hårddisken. Hoppas ni gillar det!
  5. Vezza

    [Ban request] PUG

    Appeal Information Name: Vezza Offender-Name: PUG Date: 2014-12-21 Reason: We robbed PUG and he didn't listen to our orders. We shot him and he combat logged.

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