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  1. Kontakta mig på TeamSpeak!
  2. Kepler

    Police App

    Denied! Har du frågor, kontakta mig på TeamSpeak.
  3. Har fixat så de är löst parterna emellan.
  4. Rebel for a day. Hello fellow CvGaming members! we in the U.F.A are thinking of trying a new method of recruiting, its called ''Rebel for a day'' and is a very simple idea. If you are interested, write your name in this post, after tomorrow at around 16:00 we will close the post and draft 1 or 2 names from the list via total random generation, these 2 individuals will get to play with us in the U.F.A for two restarts (8 hours) to see what its like on the other side of the wall. You will be whitelisted during this time, allowing you to use our shops and spawnpoints (under supervision obviously). I do not promise anything, but IF you were to get along with us really well, and everyone really likes you and thinks that your are rebel material, you might get to stay as a real faction member, making you a full-time rebel. What you have to do - 1: Like this post (obviously because im a like sellout). 2: Write your name in a comment. Good luck!
  5. Flyttade denna då den låg i fel sektion.
  6. TAKE SOME OIL MAN, it will give you the strenght you need to keep ALTIS safe.

  7. @Imlay ah bubben, you know it ! @FiskarN Tack!
  8. Haha suprise! @Nordqvist
  9. Snackade med dig imorse, riktigt skön snubbe! Välkommen!
  10. Det där klassar jag som en tok rdm Mvh D.Kepler
  11. Tänk på mig då, som satt Co-Pilot och inte kunda ta över spakarna, hur tror du jag kände mig ?
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